CHLOÉ: The Epitome of Parisian Chic & Sustainable Luxury Fashion

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Chloé: A Legacy of Timeless Elegance

In 1952, a brand emerged that would revolutionize women's fashion with its unique blend of bohemian chic and uncomplicated elegance. Chloé, founded by the visionary Gaby Aghion, introduced the world to the concept of “luxury prêt-à-porter,” making high-quality fashion accessible to all.

Aghion's philosophy was straightforward yet profound: she desired to provide women the liberty to express their femininity through comfortable and high-quality ready-to-wear clothing. Chloé's aesthetic is a mirror of Parisian style – a blend of effortless elegance and free-spiritedness that has been admired for decades by style icons.

Today, under the creative direction of Gabriela Hearst, Chloé continues to uphold its core values while leading the charge in sustainability and female empowerment initiatives. Hearst, celebrated for her commitment to sustainability and sophisticated aesthetic, infuses her unique vision into the brand's timeless appeal. She aspires to create a robust, modern collection without compromising her ethics and key values.

The Chloé Journey: Empowering Women Through Fashion

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From the artistic vibrancy of Paris's Left Bank, Gaby Aghion dared to challenge the fashion norms of her era. Her vision of empowering women through fashion materialized in a café on the Left Bank, marking Chloé's inception. Aghion's trailblazing vision was to create a line of ready-to-wear clothing as meticulously crafted and beautiful as haute couture, with each garment named following the alphabet, a tradition that continues to this day.

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Today, Aghion's legacy thrives, with Chloé continuously embodying her vision of empowering women through fashion, under Gabriela Hearst's leadership. Hearst's significant contributions to the fashion industry have been recognized with accolades including the International Woolmark Prize for Womenswear, the Pratt Institute Fashion Visionary Award, and the American Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Chloé's Ethos: Femininity, Modernity, and Sustainable Elegance

At the heart of Chloé's ethos are three core values: femininity, modernity, and free-spirited elegance. The brand's designs celebrate femininity, featuring soft silhouettes, delicate fabrics, and romantic details. Chloé's collections demonstrate the brand's commitment to empowering women by creating clothing that allows them to confidently express their individuality and style.

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The brand's devotion to creating clothing that is not only beautiful but also comfortable and easy to wear reflects its belief that true elegance stems from being comfortable in one's skin. This free-spirited elegance, another crucial pillar of Chloé's ethos, is evident in the brand's light, airy designs that radiate an effortless bohemian chic.

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Under Gabriela Hearst's leadership, Chloé has made significant strides towards becoming a more sustainable brand. Chloé champions equal opportunities as an employer, fostering a workplace that values diversity and inclusion. The brand extends its standards beyond its immediate workplace, collaborating with primary suppliers to promote transparency and equality.

Chloé Today: A Beacon of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

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Today, Chloé stands as a symbol of femininity and free-spirited elegance, with a renewed emphasis on sustainability. The brand is intensifying its commitment to responsible sourcing and lower-impact materials, aiming to increase the proportion of these materials to 90% by 2025, contributing to its goal of reducing emissions by over 25% per product.

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Chloé is committed to reducing its environmental impact and actively works to protect our planet's limited resources. The brand has set science-based targets to reduce its climate and biodiversity impact by addressing carbon emissions, water usage, waste, and packaging, and improving animal welfare throughout its operations and supply chain by 2025. Backed by its parent company, Richemont, Chloé believes in accountability and collaborates with external, independent advisors to refine its practices every step of the way.

Spotlight on the Artisan: The Creative Genius Behind Chloé

Born in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst joined Chloé as the Creative Director in December 2020, infusing her unique vision into the brand's timeless appeal. Hearst's design ethos harmonizes with Chloé's vision. She is committed to crafting beautiful, enduring pieces, reflecting the brand's dedication to timeless elegance and quality. Under her stewardship, Chloé has continued to evolve while staying true to its roots.

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Hearst's approach to fashion is encapsulated in her commitment to "honest luxury". She aspires to create a robust, modern collection without compromising her ethics and key values. Her significant contributions to the fashion industry have been recognized with accolades including the International Woolmark Prize for Womenswear, the Pratt Institute Fashion Visionary Award, and the American Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Hearst's future plans for the brand include a greater focus on sustainability. Her goal is to transform Chloé into a leader in sustainable luxury fashion, reducing its environmental footprint and increasing transparency in its supply chain.

Chloé's Iconic Collections: A Testament to Timeless Design

Chloé's product line encapsulates the brand's core values of femininity, modernity, and free-spirited elegance. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to timeless design that radiates effortless chic.

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The iconic Faye bag exemplifies Chloé's design philosophy with its clean lines, luxurious leather, and distinctive ring and chain detail, epitomizing the brand's effortless chic. The Woody Bag, a recent addition to Chloé's collection, perfectly blends luxury and sustainability. Crafted from lower-impact linen canvas and detailed with shiny calfskin strips, this bag appeals to the modern, eco-conscious woman who values sustainable fashion without compromising on style.

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The Lauren Sneaker, another standout piece from Chloé's collection, showcases the brand's ability to seamlessly blend different styles. This sneaker, with its romantic yet sporty aesthetic, perfectly captures the essence of Chloé's unique design approach.

Chloé's Impact: Transforming Lives & Fashion Industry

Chloé has touched the lives of many women around the world, with customers praising the brand for its ability to make them feel confident and beautiful. One customer shared, "Every time I use my Chloé's Basket Bag, I feel like the best version of myself. It's not just about the accessories; it's about how they make me feel." Vogue has commended Chloé for its "unwavering commitment to creating feminine, wearable fashion," while Harper's Bazaar praised the brand's "ability to balance modern trends with timeless elegance."

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Chloé's impact extends beyond the fashion industry. The brand is committed to making a positive difference in the world, with initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and female empowerment. Through its products and actions, Chloé is not just transforming the way women accessorize, but also how they perceive themselves and their place in the world.

Discover the Chloé Universe

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