"Out Of Office", perfect for teleworking.

The "OOO", Out Of Office, are the latest sneakers to be launched by Off-White, and their name is no coincidence, as they have been conceived and designed at home and for home.

This new model takes its inspiration from the trainers of the early 90s and is dressed in a flawless white that combines with five different colours: green, red (available from Bounty), purple, tan and pale blue.

The low white leather structure gives rise to overlaps of the same material in a light colour. In the case of the green and red shoes, these overlaps are in a cream tone.

The colour that differentiates each specimen appears intensely marking the boundaries of each segment. Both the heel and the collar of the sneaker are coloured, as well as the inside of the tongue and the sole. The Off-White arrows, curved and pointing at the toe, also bring out the colour. The midsole remains white.