Valentino Garavani presents "TOILE ICONOGRAPHE"

“The logo is alive. It breathes. It slides, slowly, across the surface. It dialogues with the environment that surrounds it. It redefines its lines. It crosses them, expands them, and rediscovers them. It rests. It rejects categorization, constantly, with new paths. It creates and recreates, reinvents, cuts, and sews. It signifies and re-signifies.” - this is how Valentino presents the collection Toile Iconographie.

Valentino's newest collection surprises the world with a reworking of the Maison's iconic logo created in homage to Mr Valentino Garavani's original 1968 'V', founder and master behind the 62 year old brand. The ‘Unboxing’ by Pierpaolo Piccioli brings an emotive, nostalgic yet modern feel that invites all to open up their box of treasures from Valentino and discover its legacy for themselves.

The collection draws upon stylistic forms and techniques from the 1960s-70s capturing an era within these iconic pieces; such as their famous Bucket Hat, Vlogo Type Boot, Crepe De Chine Blouse, La Cinquieme Bucket Bag even Light Shorts with a high waistline - all interpreted in neutral tones featuring either red or black logos embossed throughout them too. Aerodynamic jackets appear throughout which pay tribute to Garavani’s original 1968 coat design complete with signature ‘V' closures on front pocket flaps giving off some real retro vibes. Bags remain at centre stage here where we find the shopping totes in red or iconic La Petite Deuxieme shoulder bag that'll no doubt be one of the season's most sought out silhouettes.

For Valentino The VLogo means something far more than just an emblematic print - representing a long standing story steeped in resilience & innovation reaching as far back as when Elizabeth Taylor chose this young Italian label for her Cleopatra movie premiere back 1963 or when Jackie Kennedy bought so many pieces she was credited for starting the first 'Boom Valentino.' That very letter stands today as THE original work of art for Valentino guarding over all fascinating stories spanning across time making sure it gets place pride this season certainly!

"Logo as icon of our choices, even the most intimate. To talk about us and with us. Without borders, without gender." – Valentino