Thom Browne, the designer who has updated tailoring.

Thom Browne is responsible for reviving and dusting off the suit jacket, offering a fresh take on one of the great classics of a man's wardrobe. Browne's proposals have marked the masculine silhouette of an era. Highlights include classic two-piece suits that are close-fitting, look shrunken and have an unorthodox trouser length.

Born in Pennsylvania, he was never trained in the fashion world. He studied economics and when he finished he moved to Los Angeles to try his luck as an actor. It was there that he began to dabble in vintage clothing. He bought suits in second-hand shops and customised them. Back in New York, in 1997, he found work in the Giorgio Armani showroom. She combined that job with another at Club Monaco, owned by Ralph Lauren. In 2001, he decided to create his own brand.

He began by designing for men, but throughout his brilliant and impeccable career he has extended his label to women's design, has created some memorable collaborations, such as the one with Moncler, and has won some of the most important awards in the fashion industry, including designer of the year for the Council of Fashion Designers and GQ magazine.

In our country, his main commitment has been to design the uniforms of the FC Barcelona players since 2018, which was a bombshell in the union of fashion and football.